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Some 30-60% of American adults have spider veins, the cluster of thin red or purple veins that look like a spiderweb on the skin. If you want to get rid of your spider veins, contact Satjit Bhusri, MD, at Upper East Side Cardiology to find out if the state-of-the-art VeinGogh™ vein treatment is right for you. Dr. Bhusri offers VeinGogh and other innovative vein treatments at his office in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. Call the practice today or schedule a consultation online to discover if VeinGogh is right for you.

What is VeinGogh?

VeinGogh is an innovative treatment for spider veins that uses ohmic thermolysis. This process uses microbursts of heat to seal and close spider veins, so they eventually fade away, leaving your skin smooth and flawless.

The VeinGogh treatment is precise, targeting each vein individually. This reduces your risk of heat damage to the surrounding healthy tissue and veins.



Am I a good candidate for VeinGogh?

Dr. Bhusri uses VeinGogh to treat telangiectasia — the clinical term for spider veins. The treatment works on spider veins up to 0.3 mm. It’s not designed for varicose veins or damaged veins deep beneath the surface of your skin.

VeinGogh is an option if your spider veins are too small for other treatments, such as sclerotherapy or laser ablation. As long as you’re in good health overall, VeinGogh may be an excellent treatment to get rid of your spider veins.

How should I prepare for a VeinGogh treatment?

Make sure Dr. Bhusri knows about any medications, supplements, or vitamins that you take regularly. You should also avoid alcohol and smoking for 48-72 hours before your treatment, and don’t apply any creams or lotions to your skin before your appointment.

What happens during a VeinGogh treatment?

VeinGogh treatments are relatively quick and minimally invasive, usually lasting 25 minutes or less. Dr. Bhusri prepares you for the treatment by cleaning your skin.

Then he uses a fine, insulated needle to perform the treatment just below the surface of your skin. He doesn’t pierce the spider vein. Instead, the heat targets the outside of the vein.

Most patients say the VeinGogh treatment isn’t painful and feels like a pinch or pulling out a hair.

How should I take care of my skin after a VeinGogh treatment?

You can return to your regular activities after your VeinGogh treatment, although you should avoid strenuous activities for a day or two. Your skin might be pink and tender after treatment, but these symptoms subside within a few hours.

Dr. Bhusri recommends walking around for 10 minutes every hour or so and a 20- to 30-minute walk every day to promote healthy circulation and prevent clot formation. Don’t apply any lotions or chemicals to your skin, and avoid direct sunlight for 72 hours after treatment.

Call Upper East Side Cardiology or make an appointment online today for more information about VeinGogh and determine if it’s the right treatment for you.


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