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If you have varicose veins and related symptoms such as aching, burning, or itching legs, make an appointment with Satjit Bhusri, MD, at Upper East Side Cardiology. Dr. Bhusri offers Varithena® to get rid of your varicose veins and ease your symptoms. You don’t have to accept varicose veins. Call Dr. Bhusri’s office in the Upper East Side neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, or schedule a consultation online today to learn more about Varithena and your other varicose vein treatment options.

What is Varithena?

Varithena is an FDA-approved microfoam sclerosant medication. Dr. Bhusri uses ultrasound guidance to locate the specific veins that need treatment and ensure he injects Varithena into the correct vein.

When Varithena enters your varicose vein, the foam expands and irritates the inside walls of the blood vessel. Your blood vessel responds by collapsing on itself and sealing shut. As the varicose vein drains and disappears, your blood reroutes through healthier veins on its return journey to your heart and lungs.




Am I a good candidate for Varithena?

You may be a good candidate for Varithena treatment if you have large varicose veins but are in good health overall. Dr. Bhusri provides thorough consultations to determine if Varithena is right for you.

Varithena might not be the best solution if you have blood clots or an allergy to polidocanol — the active ingredient. Fortunately, Dr. Bhusri offers several varicose vein treatment alternatives.

How should I prepare for Varithena treatment?

As with most procedures, make sure Dr. Bhusri knows about any medications, vitamins, or supplements that you use every day. You should also bring the appropriate strength compression stockings to wear after your treatment. Dr. Bhusri can tell you what compression strength you need.

You don’t need to skip breakfast, but avoid putting any lotions or creams on your skin on the day of your treatment.

What should I expect during Varithena treatment?

Dr. Bhusri prepares you for Varithena by cleaning the skin on your legs and providing a local anesthetic.

When your skin is numb, Dr. Bhusri uses ultrasound to visualize the inside of your legs and identify the specific veins that need treatment. He inserts a needle or catheter into the vein and slowly injects the Varithena foam.

As the foam fills your vein, it displaces the pooled blood and forces the damaged vein to collapse. After injecting Varithena, Dr. Bhusri puts pressure on the treated area to help the vein collapse and seal. After withdrawing the needle, he applies a pressure bandage to the injection site.

How should I take care of my legs after a Varithena treatment?

You can return to most of your regular activities immediately after Varithena treatment. Dr. Bhusri recommends walking around for 10 minutes every hour, but you should avoid strenuous activity for a week.

You need to wear your compression stocking for 24 hours after your treatment before you can take it off to shower. Then, it’s critical to wear your compression stockings for most of the day for two weeks.

Call Upper East Side Cardiology today or make an appointment online to discover if Varithena is the best treatment to get rid of your varicose veins.


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