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Napping and Heart Disease

Does he have any theories about why long naps might be linked to greater risk of all-cause mortality and heart disease?

having a long nap is not good for the heart due to the lack of mobility exercise and the use of the heart as a muscle and a performance organ during the day.

But its effects are are deeper than just napping and that is why is one napping this is a result of not having enough quality sleep and by not having enough quality sleep your body is in a stressed environment throughout the day and thereby needs to catch up sleep is important because what it does is it helps process the days worth of stress and cleans out the inflammation of the body and the mind that in preparation for the next day


·       Does Dr. B recommend erring on the safe side, perhaps, by limiting naps to 30 mins or under?

what should work their way up to having no naps instead should be replaced with high quality sleep that involves a dark environment that is silent away from all screens and devices and really practice meditation mindfulness and relaxation techniques to help the mind relax thereby helping the body relax and the Heart remodel overnight to reduce inflammation and get ready for the next day


·       What in general are his recommendations regarding naps?

frequent napping is not a healthy sign napping is usually a sign of poor sleep habits it can also be a sign of certain health conditions such as sleep apnea sleep apnea is number one symptom is daytime sleepiness so this is typically seen in patients who are overweight or obese or have unusual anatomy that differs from the average person this leads to lack of oxygen a flow into the body at night and as a result the biochemistry leads to your body requiring a nap during the day


·       Should people nap if they feel they need one and not worry about it?

the ultimate goal is to not have a nap and it is a gradual lengthening of your day increasing your relaxation at night decreasing external forces and excitement and to really not have a nap and instead have a complete sleep wake cycle that are bodies are made to have


·       Should they be concerned if they feel like they need a nap regularly?

yes absolutely there should be concern if you are feel like you need a nap regularly again this is due to generally a poor sleep habits that will lead to a poor health outcome of course there's always reasons to look for medical causes such as sleep apnea or hormonal causes or problems with your endocrine metabolism lifestyle changes weight loss relaxation techniques can all help prevent future cardiovascular deterioration

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